A Room for Christmas

We got to redo a pretty fun room in our house this winter! What could be better than designing a room for a two year old girl that loves pink? 😉

Josh & I decided to get Ember’s Big Girl Room ready in time to surprise her Christmas morning. We kept the door to the room closed for the few weeks we were working on it, so she had no idea what we were doing. The ideas I had for the room had been floating around in my head for a few months but we didn’t actually start doing anything in the room until December 10th! Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute! Thank goodness Josh had the week before Christmas off work!

This is what the room looked like when we started – it was our guest room. We’d done very little to it besides setting up the bed. 

Guest Room Before | all3sisters.com

Here’s a view of the room while standing in the hallway. 

Full Room Before | all3sisters.com

And to the right of the window are built in bookshelves. 

Window Seat Before | all3sisters.com

So, first things first, we cleared almost everything out and started painting! I wanted the room to be white so that the bright colors would really pop. Instead of agonizing over which white paint to use, we just used the same white as the trim in our home, Shoji White – by Sherwin Williams.

Painting | all3sisters.com

You wouldn’t think light grey to white would be that drastic, but that picture really shows the difference! The room is so much brighter now!

Ember’s Nana (Josh’s aunt) even made her a new quilt for her big girl bed! How beautiful is this?!

Quilt | all3sisters.com

A pink & gold room for our #embergirl. 

Big Girl Room | all3sisters.com

Nana also gave us a headboard she was no longer using. Josh set up a tarp in the garage and spray painted it pink. (Did I mention we did this all in the 2 weeks before Christmas?? Yeah, here in Idaho we had way too much snow to paint outside! Unfortunately. Note to you: spray paint leaves a nice dusting over every single thing within site. Not just what you think is in range…)

E's Big Girl Room | all3sisters.com

Window Seat | all3sisters.com

I’m so excited to see Ember grow up in this room with a window seat and shelves. I hope she loves it as much as I would have as a little girl!

Window Corner | all3sisters.com

If you guys are looking for curtains for your kids room, Target now offers light-blocking curtains in their Pillowfort collection. Seriously. Light blocking curtains this cute? And at Target prices? You can’t beat that!

Pink Room | all3sisters.com

We put together a small gallery wall. It’s mainly just things we thought were fun and that she would like. It also includes a picture of each of us with Ember, and that flower picture is actually one I painted.

Gallery Wall | all3sisters.com

Full Room | all3sisters.com

Recognize this frame from the before pictures? It received a few coats of spray paint too. And now it fits this room perfectly!

E | all3sisters.com

On the wall across from her bed we hung this adorable shelf – at her level. I can’t wait to see what she decides to fill it with over the years.

Butterfly shelf | all3sisters.com

We are so in love with this room. Josh & I had so much fun working on it together and surprising Ember with it Christmas morning. Surprisingly enough, I think her favorite part is the pink rug 🙂

Cozy | all3sisters.com

<3 Michelle

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