Justina’s Baby Shower

Now that we’ve got another baby coming, we thought it’d be fun to go back and show you what we did for the baby shower’s for Ember & Bradley. Plus, Michelle & Justina need some inspiration for planning my shower 😉

Today I wanted to show you the shower we threw for Justina & Bradley. Michelle & I had so much fun planning this shower. It was your perfect themed shower. Thankfully coming up with the theme was easy, Justina had always wanted to do a ‘woodland’ theme for Bradley’s nursery so we took that inspiration and ran with it. Thanks to Pinterest -it was another successful all3sisters event!

We found the adorable tags & invites on Etsy at The Pretty Paper Studio. And once we picked the paper goods, the rest sort of fell into place.

Shower Invite | all3sisters.com

Seriously, how cute are those foxes?  

Fox Cupcakes | all3sisters.com

moss cupcakes|all3sisters.com

Moss Cupcakes. White cupcakes with chocolate frosting and green colored shredded coconut.

baby fox|all3sisters.com

daddy fox|all3sisters.com

fox family|all3sisters.com

mommy fox|all3sisters.com

The Fox Family- Daddy, Mommy and Baby Fox. They are still sitting happily on Bradley’s nursery shelf 🙂

Foxes found at Anthropologie

Forest of Trees|all3sisters.com

Forest of Trees: Broccoli Salad

apple toadstools|all3sisters.com

Toadstools: String Cheese with peanut butter and an apple slice

Mushroom cookies|all3sisters.com

Stumps: Marshmallows covered in chocolate and chopped almonds. Along with some mushroom cookies!

Don't feed the bears|all3sisters.com

Don’t Feed the Bears: Teddy Grahams

watermelon hedgehog|all3sisters.com

Hedgehog: Watermelon

Pretzel Twigs|all3sisters.com

Twigs: Pretzel Sticks

Bird Nest Cookies|all3sisters.com

Bird Nests: Chocolate covered pretzel cookies with jelly beans – recipe coming soon!!

Cheese Hedgehog|all3sisters.com

Hedgehog: Cheese ball with sliced almonds -served with Ritz crackers.

Chocolate Swamp|all3sisters.com

Chocolate Swamp: Chocolate Milk

Pond Punch|all3sisters.com

Pond Punch: 7-up with sherbet


Snails: Little smokies rolled in crescent rolls, with shredded carrot antennas 😉


The Baby Shower was a great success!  Of course the food & decorations are fun, but the real star of the show is the mom-to-be & all her supporters that show up to shower her with love!


Also, a huge thanks to our cousin, Teresa Sandros, who owns Bliss Events, who let us borrow the wooden decorations. You can get similar wooden platters here and the adorable card holders here.

<3 Jaclyn  

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