Bonus Room Reveal!

Bonus Room Reveal |

We are calling our bonus room done! At least for the foreseeable future!

Bonus Room Reveal |

Bonus Room Reveal |

Thanks for helping us choose a paint color! We actually thought we’d go with the poll winner, Seaworthy, until I went to Sherwin Williams to actually purchase the paint. And then looking at the swatches in person I realized it was much more blue than we wanted. So I called an audible and chose Country Squire without Josh even seeing it. There was no way I was waiting until he had time to go with me, when I had already hauled the toddler to the store! I was determined to go home with some paint! Luckily, it worked out. We love it!

Bonus Room Reveal |

Bonus Room Reveal |

What do you think? Does it work better than the coral?? Yes. The answer is yes.

Bonus Room Reveal |

We also found these sconces and I thought they’d add a fun element to the wall. And we really wanted some lighting options apart from the ceiling can lights, so they have fulfilled that purpose! Having different levels of light and multiple options always makes a room feel more cozy. 

Wall Sconces |

I love the accordion feature! So fun that they move and can be angled in any direction to meet your every lighting need. 

Wall Sconces |

Ember’s favorite part is the switch on the cord – that she can reach. Every night she runs in and jumps up on the couch to turn on the lights 🙂

Wall Sconces |

If we go back to this room before we painted at all, you’ll see the art we had on that left wall. I love it, Josh bought it for me when we were dating and it worked great in my old house. But in this room it was too much brown. So I wanted to find something to replace it with, for a lighter, brighter option. Toning down the brown in this room was my number one priority! 

Bonus Room Reveal |

I mean, really. The curtains were brown. The couch. The carpet. The art. Bleh!

Well…the thing was, it was the perfect size. And replacing something that large was going to be expensive. So, I decided to at least attempt reusing the picture to make some new art. I used a couple coats of spray primer to cover up the original art and then painted the background with our home’s trim paint color. (Sherwin Williams, Shoji White) Then it was just a matter of working up the courage to try my hand at some abstract art. I used the Country Squire paint and just started moving the brush over the canvas. Literally. It was so spontaneous and quick. 

Bonus Room Reveal |

After a couple of coats I was left with this. 

Bonus Room Reveal |

For a free option, it turned out pretty well. There are definitely days that I second guess my choice, but for me, that is completely normal with anything I create. No matter how great it looks. Because I made it, there is always something that bothers me about it. With this piece I love the fluidity of it and the brushstrokes. And of course that its the exact color of the wall. You can’t beat custom!

Bonus Room Reveal |

Ember’s got her little easel set up in the corner. It’s a strange miracle (and kind of even sad) that the board was blank when I took these pictures.

Bonus Room Reveal |

We picked out this media cabinet and we love that the cabinets are big enough to contain Ember’s toys. It’s so nice that they’re easy for her to access but out of sight also. And they’re even soft close! Nicely done, Target.

Bonus Room Reveal |

Bonus Room Reveal |

The one thing I’d still like to find is some pillows. For the next 20 days these Christmas ones work okay, but I’d love to find some for the rest of the year! Anyone have any favorite places to shop for pillows?

Bonus Room Reveal |

Thanks for following along during our little room update!

<3 Michelle

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Mounting your TV, cord-free!

Alright, I’m back for another post about our bonus room. I know, its not near as interesting or adorable as that new nephew of mine! But its all I’ve got. I apologize. I’m sure there will be many more pictures of Cooper coming soon!

So once I convinced Josh we needed to start utilizing our bonus room more, what did he do??

Seriously, I bet you can guess…

He bought a TV. Told you. Men, they’re predictable. Apparently my circa 2009, 37″ Vizio wasn’t good enough. And a new TV brought more changes.  We lived with it on the media console for awhile, even though it was longer than that piece of furniture! But then decided we should mount it on the wall, we prefer that look and we thought it might help it look less awkward with the media console. Plus, there was also a toddler & screwdriver incident; but we won’t talk about that. #theremayhavebeentearsinvolved #fromdaddy

Needless to say, getting it up on the wall, out of the reach of little hands, jumped way up on the priority list. 

Our living room TV is also mounted but the builders took care of that setup, so this was our first time figuring it out. In the bonus room we needed to add an outlet to the center of our wall so that we could mount it without any ugly cords hanging down. Enter this $40 kit from Home Depot. All there is to say is that this kit is awesome. It comes with everything you need. Even the drill attachment. 

Drill Bit-TV Mount |

Now that’s manly.

Mounting your TV |

This task can be intimidating…I mean putting even nail holes in my walls makes me think twice, let alone holes I can fit my arm through! But, don’t worry, this kit makes it so simple. Once you drill your holes, you place a tube inside your wall that connects to the outlet covers at the top and the bottom. This makes it easy to slide all your cables and cords down the wall, without them getting caught in insulation,etc. 

Once you have your holes drilled and your cables in the wall, all that’s left is mounting the TV. There are holes on the back of the TV for securing the mounting hardware. And then just make sure you secure the wall side of the hardware on your studs. No one wants their TV to come crashing down!

There are a zillion options for mounts and depending on what you want your TV to be able to do (swivel, tilt, turn, etc.) you might want a more sophisticated one. But if you don’t need any of that fancy stuff you can get a mount for $20! Seriously, can you believe $20 will secure your 55+ inch TV to your wall? We used this mount from Amazon.  $20! Go ahead, order it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

After a couple hours labor you’ll be left with this view:

Mounted TV |

And we can tell you from personal experience that having that tube inside your wall really helps you later. We thought we planned well and had even added an extra HDMI cable on installation day, for the unforeseen extra device we might someday want. But we never could’ve guessed what we’d eventually need.

We use a computer to stream sporting events frequently and had always just plugged in our laptop temporarily, as seen below. (you guys, I’m embarrassed by these pictures, but I just keep telling myself it’ll make the finished room look that much more polished! 😉 I promise this wall is already looking way better!)

Mounting your TV |

But then Josh secured an old computer from work. Seriously, you know its old when the School District can’t even use it. And so we decided to add it to our permanent media setup – no more cord hanging down for the laptop! No more using the laptop for streaming when I’d really like to be working on my laptop AND watching TV!

But anyways, the moral of the story, we have this old computer to hook up. And yeah. Of course it doesn’t have an HDMI port. That would’ve been too easy. Thankfully Josh knows this stuff, because I would’ve given up right there. Thanks to the tube in the wall it was easy to add another cable after the fact. With this kit you can change up your configurations as often as you’d like. Or just when the next big thing comes out. Er, wait, or when you go back to using ancient computers too. Whatever.

If you’ve been thinking about mounting your TV or hesitating because you don’t know where to start, I hope this helps give you the motivation you need to go for it! You can do it!

And…I picked out the paint color for the other side of this room yesterday, so stay tuned for that update!

<3 Michelle

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It’s Polling Time!

Nope, not those polls! Let’s be honest, no one wants to talk about that day looming…at least, I sure don’t.

On a much lighter note, Josh & I have slowly been making over our bonus room this summer. Here’s where we started; although technically this was after we’d already updated our seating. I’ll see if I can find a picture pre-sectional – which is how this room existed for the first 3 years we lived here. 

Before Bonus Room |

You’ll notice I didn’t even bother to clean up before I took these pictures for you. That’ll just make the transformation that much better! Right?! 

Bonus Room Before |

We had done very little to this room, we simply placed our previous home’s furniture in it and went on our way. To be honest, we hardly ever used it either.

And then one day I FINALLY convinced Josh that our living room couch is just not comfortable for TV watching! Gorgeous leather? yes. Comfortable for more than an hour? no. Especially since its at an odd angle from our TV because of the layout of our room. So we started watching TV in our bonus room. Finally!

And then, coincidentally Josh’s boss moved and had to get rid of his sectional. We couldn’t pass up such a great deal on a full reclining sectional and decided to go for it. This sectional is about the complete opposite of our living room couch. The most comfortable couch you’ve ever sat on? yes. Gorgeous? definitely not. In fact it may be my least favorite color ever! Which really makes it hard to decide what direction to take this room. How do you complement ugly??

But we are determined. We will find a color that makes even this couch look good!!

So we decided to paint. And though we went back and forth on what color, we ultimately decided on 2015’s color of the year: Coral Reef.

Painting Process |

Luckily, we only did one wall. Because…well this. Not great :/

Helper Ember |

That cutie in the corner though? She’s great!! 🙂

Coral Reef |

What do you guys think? Could you live with this color on your walls? We actually had this pretty watercolor painting in our living room and brought it up after we painted to try and help. I love the painting and we’d kind of like to keep it up here. So maybe we should try green?

Watercolor |

We’ve (read: Josh) put together some pictures in photoshop with different greens and I’m really hoping you can help us make a decision!

Which one would you choose? All paint colors are by Sherwin-Williams.

ShamrockShamrock |

Country SquireCountry Squire |

SeaworthySeaworthy |

Kilkenny |

Hunt Club
Hunt Club |

Derbyshire |

Thanks for your help guys!

<3 Michelle

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