He is here!! 

Cooper Dennis Slonaker made his grand entrance into the world on Tuesday, October 11th, at 9:16 pm. He was 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 19.5 in. of pure perfection! 


 I woke up Tuesday morning having contractions a few minutes apart, but not very strong. I was thinking that if this goes anything like my birth with Bradley then we were going to have a baby before noon!  Well, that wasn’t Cooper’s plan. After 14 hours of labor he was finally here! My contractions throughout the day were manageable and they were spread apart. So I spent the day going for walks, watching Netflix and splashing around in my birthing pool. #netflixandcontract. I can’t take credit for that hashtag. My husband is a clever guy!  

We decided to work with a midwife and have a home birth. I am so thankful that everything went as planned and we have a happy, healthy baby. The experience of having my baby at home was amazing! The best part was that there was no sleepless night at the hospital. I was already home, in my own bed, with my own pillow. It was glorious! The only downfall was no “free” room service. 😉

Bradley and I even got to have a little swim session in the pool!

Pool time  

I loved having that time with him. Holding on to every last second of my only baby! My heart breaks a little with the thought that Bradley is not my one and only anymore. But, I am looking forward to the challenges and joys of having two little boys to love! I have already fallen head over heals for my sweet Cooper. I know that loving both of these sweet babes will only better me as a mom and as a person. 

Mommy and boys

Can you tell I am a little sleep deprived?! 😉



I love this view!!

My boys


My heart is full of love for my boys! I am so thankful that they are both happy and healthy. I am excited to take on the role of a mother of two! #momofboys

God is so good! 

<3 Justina 

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Dresser Makeover

Happy weekend, Everyone! Yes, I know it’s Sunday…Boo! 

This weekend I spent a bunch of time going through Bradley’s baby clothes, getting them ready and organized for Cooper’s room.  Here I am 37 weeks along and the only thing I have done in the nursery is the dresser and organized clothes. I remember feeling so much pressure to get Bradley’s nursery done before he arrived; It’s definitely a different story this time around. I still need a couple walls painted, a crib, and to complete some finishing touches for Cooper’s room. I know I still have a lot to do, but I am okay with that. Cooper will be sleeping in my room for a while anyway so I feel like I still have some time.

Lets get to the star of the show! Coopers dresser. I found this gem at a yard sale this summer for $30. Such a steal! 


I brought it home and when my brother Austin came to visit us for a few weeks in July, he kindly offered to help me paint it. OK lets be honest, I really just told him that he had to help me or I wasn’t going to feed him!!! My brother was such a big help. We had to wait until it got dark and cooled down. It was so hot in the garage! It took us two nights and we totally transformed this dresser! 

Almost done

Painting process 

Took all the drawers out and cabinet off. Sanded the surface we were painting with a fine sand paper. Just enough sanding to add texture so the paint would stick. Next we wiped the dresser down with a damp cloth to clean it. Then we painted one coat, and let it dry over night. Added the second coat the next night. I let the dresser dry for a couple days before I put the drawers and cabinet back on. I spray painted the knobs black separately. 

The color we used was called Luscious Green by Valspar. The finish was matte and found it at Lowe’s. 



Ta Da! It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do! Green, you say? Yes, green! I decided to do a black and white themed nursery and then I am throwing in a couple pops of green. If you know me at all, you know I love the vintage, farm style decor. For some reason I just felt like I needed to do something totally different for Cooper’s room. I am excited to bring everything together! My aunt Sheryl made me some awesome bedding with black and white patterns. That’s what you are seeing in this last picture. That is the changing pad with a custom made cover. I LOVE it! Over the next couple of weeks I will be transforming this room and I will keep you updated every step of the way. For now though, you just get to see my awesome dresser.

I might be further along in this process if it wasn’t for my little Bradley boy! This boy keeps me on my toes. Today as I am sorting clothes he managed to stick a flash drive in a stick of butter…that’s right, flash drive into BUTTER!

He also decided to help himself to a snack. This picture just says it all! Oh man, I love this little boy! 


I am so thankful for moments like this. Moments that make me laugh and smile! I live for these moments. 

I hope you all have a blessed week! 

Thank you for reading

<3 Justina  

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Maternity Leave

My 12 week maternity leave comes to an end tonight as I return to work in the morning.

My emotions are all over the place! I love my job, but I’m going to miss spending 24/7 with my sweet Chloe Sue.image

I am thankful to work for an organization that values family and believes in work/life balance! A 6 week paid paternal leave, plus some stored sick and vacation time and I enjoyed 12 weeks paid with my beautiful daughter! Definitely 12 weeks I will never forget! 

I’ve already cried three times today…tell me I’m not the only mama who is struggling with leaving their child?! 

Thankfully, Chloe gets to spend 4 days a week with her Gamma and Gampa and 1 day a week with a dear friend or I’d really be a mess! She is in the best hands with people who love her very much! 

Now, back to my 12 weeks off…

We enjoyed so many fun times together, I wanted to share some of them with you!


Monday- Friday we enjoyed Stroller Strides with Fit4Mom Meridian at Kleiner Park! Nothing like getting my workout on with my daughter, other mamas, their kiddos and all while singing nursery rhymes!  


Multiple coffee dates, walks, and visits with friends and family! 


Our first visit to Boise Zoo! After a delicious breakfast and coffee at our favorite breakfast spot, Big City Coffee! Fun with Auntie M, cousin Ember, Auntie J, cousin Bradley, Jodi & Carter!


Two weekend visits to Gamma and Gampa’s cabin in New Meadows! 

imageAnd a trip to Portland to visit Cody’s family and friends! Nana Karey and Auntie Brandi planned a Meet & Greet Chloe BBQ! 

And that’s just to name a few! So many fun times I could write all day! Again, 12 weeks I am so thankful for and was blessed with and will never forget! 

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Chloe Sue St. John

Chloe Sue St. John, born June 21, 2016 at 12:13pm 6lb 8oz 19.25in

View More: http://t3photography.pass.us/st-john-family

On June 20th my water broke at work 4:38pm. I was admitted into the hospital at 5:00pm. Walked the halls, did squats, bounced on birth ball trying to initiate labor naturally. My parents had joined us and then left for home at 9:00pm to get some rest, since contractions had yet to start. Cody fell asleep on the hospital chair bed. So of course my contractions finally started at 10:00pm once I was all alone. I labored on my own until 1:00am when I woke up Cody to assist with some breathing techniques and labor positions to manage the contractions. By 4:00am contractions were 2 minutes apart but I was still only dilated 3cm. We discussed with the nurse if it was too early to get an epidural, but decided to go ahead and start a slow drip of pitocin to increase dilation with each contraction. I called Mom and Dad and asked them to come back. The epidural was the best thing I did! I was able to lay in bed and relax while my contractions continued without any pain. We played Scattergories to pass the time. By 8:00am I was 6cm; 9:00am, 8cm and 10:00am, 10cm. Right as I was getting ready to push the Nurse informed me that the Dr had an emergency and I would need to wait until his return. Thankfully, we were not the emergency, however, I felt very anxious after already laboring for 12 hours waiting for dilation. At 11:30am the Dr was back and it was finally go time!  The 35 minutes of pushing was definitely the worst part! I wish the epidural would have helped with that pain! After 14 hours of labor I finally got to meet my baby girl!

View More: http://t3photography.pass.us/st-john-family

And how sweet she is! 

The past 9 weeks have been the best 9 weeks of my life! After waiting 40 weeks to meet her, she sure is growing up way too fast! She is smiling, cooing, figuring out her hands, and working on holding up her head. I enjoy every waking moment with her! Her 2 month appointment was today and she is 10lbs 10oz and 21.5in long. She is thriving!

Only 3 weeks left until I return to work full-time. It is bittersweet, as I love my job, but it will be so difficult to leave her each day. Thankfully, we are blessed to have my parents as childcare 4 days a week and a friend the other day. I cannot imagine dropping her at daycare. We are working on introducing bottles and cloth diapers this week.

Thank you Chloe Sue for choosing me to be your MOM!

View More: http://t3photography.pass.us/st-john-family

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Chloe Sue’s Baby Shower

Michelle and Justina only let me know the date and time. If you’re a control freak like me, you know the suspense of not knowing, just about kills you! Yet I was so excited and knew they’d come up with something way cuter than I would have ever thought of. That they did!

ABCs | all3sisters.com

shower decorations | all3sisters.com

Is this not the cutest baby shower theme you’ve ever seen?

TD | all3sisters.com

VU | all3sisters.com

Aunties made all letters A-Z, each with their own design and pre-measured to be hung in Chloe’s playroom!

letters in cutout |all3sisters.com

Decor | all3sisters.com

Table Centerpiece | all3sisters.com

table decor | all3sisters.com

Along with their adorable alphabet theme, they created Chloe’s first alphabet book, asking each guest to fill in a letter page.

Alphabet Book | all3sisters.com

“Chloe’s First Alphabet Book…By all the ladies who love her most”

Alphabet Book Table | all3sisters.com

The letters were perfect decor arranged throughout the room.

Centerpiece | all3sisters.com

S | all3sisters.com

Chicken Salad | all3sisters.com

Shower Food | all3sisters.com

Fruit kabobs | all3sisters.com

Karla, our Mom, came through once again and provided the delicious brunch items! Mini quiches, mini scones, chicken salad lettuce wraps, fruit kabobs, and of course coffee! She even had decaf for me! No one else is crazy enough to drink decaf at 10:30 am 😉

Quiches | all3sisters.com

Q Food Display | all3sisters.com

Y | all3sisters.com

Z | all3sisters.com

Thank you sisters for the most beautiful shower I ever could have imagined! Chloe is so loved and spoiled already! 

Chloe Sue | all3sisters.com

Jacs Shower | all3sisters.com



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Justina’s Baby Shower

Now that we’ve got another baby coming, we thought it’d be fun to go back and show you what we did for the baby shower’s for Ember & Bradley. Plus, Michelle & Justina need some inspiration for planning my shower 😉

Today I wanted to show you the shower we threw for Justina & Bradley. Michelle & I had so much fun planning this shower. It was your perfect themed shower. Thankfully coming up with the theme was easy, Justina had always wanted to do a ‘woodland’ theme for Bradley’s nursery so we took that inspiration and ran with it. Thanks to Pinterest -it was another successful all3sisters event!

We found the adorable tags & invites on Etsy at The Pretty Paper Studio. And once we picked the paper goods, the rest sort of fell into place.

Shower Invite | all3sisters.com

Seriously, how cute are those foxes?  

Fox Cupcakes | all3sisters.com

moss cupcakes|all3sisters.com

Moss Cupcakes. White cupcakes with chocolate frosting and green colored shredded coconut.

baby fox|all3sisters.com

daddy fox|all3sisters.com

fox family|all3sisters.com

mommy fox|all3sisters.com

The Fox Family- Daddy, Mommy and Baby Fox. They are still sitting happily on Bradley’s nursery shelf 🙂

Foxes found at Anthropologie

Forest of Trees|all3sisters.com

Forest of Trees: Broccoli Salad

apple toadstools|all3sisters.com

Toadstools: String Cheese with peanut butter and an apple slice

Mushroom cookies|all3sisters.com

Stumps: Marshmallows covered in chocolate and chopped almonds. Along with some mushroom cookies!

Don't feed the bears|all3sisters.com

Don’t Feed the Bears: Teddy Grahams

watermelon hedgehog|all3sisters.com

Hedgehog: Watermelon

Pretzel Twigs|all3sisters.com

Twigs: Pretzel Sticks

Bird Nest Cookies|all3sisters.com

Bird Nests: Chocolate covered pretzel cookies with jelly beans – recipe coming soon!!

Cheese Hedgehog|all3sisters.com

Hedgehog: Cheese ball with sliced almonds -served with Ritz crackers.

Chocolate Swamp|all3sisters.com

Chocolate Swamp: Chocolate Milk

Pond Punch|all3sisters.com

Pond Punch: 7-up with sherbet


Snails: Little smokies rolled in crescent rolls, with shredded carrot antennas 😉


The Baby Shower was a great success!  Of course the food & decorations are fun, but the real star of the show is the mom-to-be & all her supporters that show up to shower her with love!


Also, a huge thanks to our cousin, Teresa Sandros, who owns Bliss Events, who let us borrow the wooden decorations. You can get similar wooden platters here and the adorable card holders here.

<3 Jaclyn  

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Coming June 2016

We are excited to share with you-we will be adding a new family member to the all3sisters clan in June!

Jaclyn is no longer only an auntie, but will be a MOM come June!

Check out their announcement Video!

Best part about being an auntie first to both a niece and a nephew is now Baby St. John is set for either gender! Clothes, play mat, toys, swing, rock n play, and so much more!

Do you move around baby items within the family to whoever is expecting next? Thank goodness for sisters!

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