A Room for Christmas

We got to redo a pretty fun room in our house this winter! What could be better than designing a room for a two year old girl that loves pink? 😉

Josh & I decided to get Ember’s Big Girl Room ready in time to surprise her Christmas morning. We kept the door to the room closed for the few weeks we were working on it, so she had no idea what we were doing. The ideas I had for the room had been floating around in my head for a few months but we didn’t actually start doing anything in the room until December 10th! Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute! Thank goodness Josh had the week before Christmas off work!

This is what the room looked like when we started – it was our guest room. We’d done very little to it besides setting up the bed. 

Guest Room Before | all3sisters.com

Here’s a view of the room while standing in the hallway. 

Full Room Before | all3sisters.com

And to the right of the window are built in bookshelves. 

Window Seat Before | all3sisters.com

So, first things first, we cleared almost everything out and started painting! I wanted the room to be white so that the bright colors would really pop. Instead of agonizing over which white paint to use, we just used the same white as the trim in our home, Shoji White – by Sherwin Williams.

Painting | all3sisters.com

You wouldn’t think light grey to white would be that drastic, but that picture really shows the difference! The room is so much brighter now!

Ember’s Nana (Josh’s aunt) even made her a new quilt for her big girl bed! How beautiful is this?!

Quilt | all3sisters.com

A pink & gold room for our #embergirl. 

Big Girl Room | all3sisters.com

Nana also gave us a headboard she was no longer using. Josh set up a tarp in the garage and spray painted it pink. (Did I mention we did this all in the 2 weeks before Christmas?? Yeah, here in Idaho we had way too much snow to paint outside! Unfortunately. Note to you: spray paint leaves a nice dusting over every single thing within site. Not just what you think is in range…)

E's Big Girl Room | all3sisters.com

Window Seat | all3sisters.com

I’m so excited to see Ember grow up in this room with a window seat and shelves. I hope she loves it as much as I would have as a little girl!

Window Corner | all3sisters.com

If you guys are looking for curtains for your kids room, Target now offers light-blocking curtains in their Pillowfort collection. Seriously. Light blocking curtains this cute? And at Target prices? You can’t beat that!

Pink Room | all3sisters.com

We put together a small gallery wall. It’s mainly just things we thought were fun and that she would like. It also includes a picture of each of us with Ember, and that flower picture is actually one I painted.

Gallery Wall | all3sisters.com

Full Room | all3sisters.com

Recognize this frame from the before pictures? It received a few coats of spray paint too. And now it fits this room perfectly!

E | all3sisters.com

On the wall across from her bed we hung this adorable shelf – at her level. I can’t wait to see what she decides to fill it with over the years.

Butterfly shelf | all3sisters.com

We are so in love with this room. Josh & I had so much fun working on it together and surprising Ember with it Christmas morning. Surprisingly enough, I think her favorite part is the pink rug 🙂

Cozy | all3sisters.com

<3 Michelle

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Cookie Exchange Success!

I know you’ve been curious which cookie I made for the exchange?

Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies! They didn’t quite turn out as ‘pretty’ as the Pinterest picture, but they were delicious and relatively easy to make!

Who knew your nesting boxes could be used for cookie tray display too! 
I mean whose Pinterest attempts ever turn out as perfect as the original anyway?!
13 people brought 4 dozen cookies each!

Chocolate Raspberry Bars


Frosted Sugar Cookies


White Chocolate Peppermint Oreos


Whipped Cherry Shortbread

7-layer Bars


No bake Cookies

Cathedral Cookies
We sampled each cookie while we drank coffee and visited!
We shared our recipes and went home with 3-4 of every kind!


Going home with 3.5 dozen cookie varieties made making cookie tins for the neighbors easy this year! A great time was had by all! Cookies, coffee, friends and family, how could you not have fun?!

I think you should host a cookie exchange as soon as possible! You won’t regret it!

– Jaclyn

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Bonus Room Reveal!

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

We are calling our bonus room done! At least for the foreseeable future!

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Thanks for helping us choose a paint color! We actually thought we’d go with the poll winner, Seaworthy, until I went to Sherwin Williams to actually purchase the paint. And then looking at the swatches in person I realized it was much more blue than we wanted. So I called an audible and chose Country Squire without Josh even seeing it. There was no way I was waiting until he had time to go with me, when I had already hauled the toddler to the store! I was determined to go home with some paint! Luckily, it worked out. We love it!

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

What do you think? Does it work better than the coral?? Yes. The answer is yes.

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

We also found these sconces and I thought they’d add a fun element to the wall. And we really wanted some lighting options apart from the ceiling can lights, so they have fulfilled that purpose! Having different levels of light and multiple options always makes a room feel more cozy. 

Wall Sconces | all3sisters.com

I love the accordion feature! So fun that they move and can be angled in any direction to meet your every lighting need. 

Wall Sconces | all3sisters.com

Ember’s favorite part is the switch on the cord – that she can reach. Every night she runs in and jumps up on the couch to turn on the lights 🙂

Wall Sconces | all3sisters.com

If we go back to this room before we painted at all, you’ll see the art we had on that left wall. I love it, Josh bought it for me when we were dating and it worked great in my old house. But in this room it was too much brown. So I wanted to find something to replace it with, for a lighter, brighter option. Toning down the brown in this room was my number one priority! 

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

I mean, really. The curtains were brown. The couch. The carpet. The art. Bleh!

Well…the thing was, it was the perfect size. And replacing something that large was going to be expensive. So, I decided to at least attempt reusing the picture to make some new art. I used a couple coats of spray primer to cover up the original art and then painted the background with our home’s trim paint color. (Sherwin Williams, Shoji White) Then it was just a matter of working up the courage to try my hand at some abstract art. I used the Country Squire paint and just started moving the brush over the canvas. Literally. It was so spontaneous and quick. 

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

After a couple of coats I was left with this. 

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

For a free option, it turned out pretty well. There are definitely days that I second guess my choice, but for me, that is completely normal with anything I create. No matter how great it looks. Because I made it, there is always something that bothers me about it. With this piece I love the fluidity of it and the brushstrokes. And of course that its the exact color of the wall. You can’t beat custom!

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Ember’s got her little easel set up in the corner. It’s a strange miracle (and kind of even sad) that the board was blank when I took these pictures.

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

We picked out this media cabinet and we love that the cabinets are big enough to contain Ember’s toys. It’s so nice that they’re easy for her to access but out of sight also. And they’re even soft close! Nicely done, Target.

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

The one thing I’d still like to find is some pillows. For the next 20 days these Christmas ones work okay, but I’d love to find some for the rest of the year! Anyone have any favorite places to shop for pillows?

Bonus Room Reveal | all3sisters.com

Thanks for following along during our little room update!

<3 Michelle

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Coffee Filter Snowflakes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas trees, twinkling lights, Christmas carols and everyone’s favorite: presents! Time to bust out those credit cards and order all of your Christmas presents on Amazon! I know I am not the only one who does all of my shopping from the comfort of my couch. What a glorious thing! 

Winter is not everyone’s favorite time of the year however. Especially as we grow up; scraping the ice off your window every morning, driving in the snow, freezing your face off while you go for a run. Being a grownup is not fun! I am looking forward to winter this year though! This year is Bradley’s first year being able to play in the snow! We had the opportunity to go to the family cabin this last weekend and I was so excited to wake up to it snowing Sunday morning! I grabbed Bradley and as we were looking out the window I said it’s snowing!! Seeing it snow for the first time through my sons eyes was so exhilarating!   


What is it about tiny humans in snow gear? Why are they so dang cute?! The snow was perfect for snow balls and building a snow man. 


I love watching the snow fall and I was so sad to leave the cabin and the snow. So to bring a little snow to us, we made some snowflakes! 

We made these last week, but I decided to make them again so I could share with you how we did it. 

All you need is coffee filters, paint, scissors, and some cute toddlers to paint for you! 


Cute toddlers to paint for me. 


Their beautiful work! 


Fold, fold, fold and then cut shapes along the folded edge and the top if you want.


Done! You could iron these to get the folds and wrinkles out. I taped the snowflakes to the window. When the sun shines on them the colors are so pretty! 

This is such an easy and fun craft to do with your kids! 

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time of year and make the best of what we have left of 2016!

<3 Justina 

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Cookie Exchange

Do you have a cookie exchange to attend this Holiday season? Or maybe you’re hosting the exchange for you and your friends?! 

Mom is hosting one in a few weeks, so I’ve been on the hunt for all my favorite Holiday cookies! 

Bring 4 dozen, taste and sample each cookie, and take home 3.5 dozen! Sounds like my kind of party! Those of you who know me, know I love dessert! My in-laws give me a hard time because they never had to plan dessert until I joined the family…I think I did them all a favor 😜

Hmmm…now the question is which family favorite cookie should I make?





Chocolate chip cookies

Spritz cookies

Sugar cookies

 Waffle cookies

No bake cookies

Peanut butter cookies

I found this sugar cookie mix at Costco, makes 21 dozen cookies! Convenient for any and all Holiday cookie needs!



What kind would you make?


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The Big 3-0!!

I had a major milestone Birthday last week! I have made it into my 30’s!! A little scary, but mainly exciting. I am feeling pretty good about leaving my twenties behind and moving on into the next decade of my life. So far, 30 has been wonderful! I was completely spoiled by my family and my husband! They know how to make a girl feel special.

But really, I’ve been celebrating for the last two months. I started planning a 30th Birthday trip earlier this year and then as we were picking the dates, I found out two of the three girls going with me were pregnant and due the week and the week after my birthday! Haha. So…we bumped the trip up to September! 

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

I invited three of my best friends to spend a girls weekend in Seattle to celebrate! I am so thankful they were all up for it! We had such a great time! Unfortunately, one of them ended up sick the day we were leaving, so only three of us made it. We flew out Friday afternoon and landed in Seattle just in time for dinner 🙂 One of the girls lives in the Portland area, so she drove up to meet us at the airport and drive us around all weekend 😉

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We stayed at Hotel 1000, right downtown. If you’re ever in Seattle and need somewhere to stay, I cannot recommend it enough. It was beautiful and the perfect location. About two blocks from Pike Place Market & the Pier.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We walked to dinner Friday night and familiarized ourselves with our surroundings. I don’t know about you, but I’m a planner. Even on vacation, I usually have every minute planned out. You know, so I can maximize my trip and see as much as possible. But for this trip, we truly just figured it out as we went. It was marvelous. We shopped, ate good food, drank lots of coffee, slept in and just enjoyed a relaxing weekend away.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We saw this on our walk to breakfast Saturday morning. I thought it was fun.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We walked to Macrina Bakery and were not disappointed. Can you read the description of that quiche? O.M.G. The BEST quiche I’ve ever had. It was to die for. I need to start cooking with fontina. Fontina in everything!

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Of course we took some time to walk through the market. I wish we could’ve taken flowers home with us. They are truly so beautiful. And do you see these pictures? Yeah, it was 70’s and sunny the WHOLE weekend! Why do Seattle-ites always complain about all the rain?? 😉 

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We also waited in line (about 30 minutes) to get coffee at the First Starbucks Store. Ah, the people watching. Waiting in line in big cities can be truly entertaining.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

I love these girls! We had so much fun together! From the Market we decided to head to the Fremont neighborhood and check out the Theo Chocolate Factory! We took the tour and consumed way too many samples! It was fun and very informative. And we found this beautiful view right outside.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

We spent the rest of our Saturday doing some retail therapy. I am an avid online shopper and rarely, I mean, hardly ever, actually shop in stores. But this trip reminded me how much fun it can be. Especially when you have two friends helping you out. It was a blast! And I spent all my birthday loot – you know, that I hadn’t received yet… 😉 We had dinner that night at Il Fornaio. Another place I’d recommend if you’re looking for Italian food in Seattle. 

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Sunday morning we walked across the street from our hotel, grabbed some breakfast & coffee and took it down to Pier 56. Not a bad view for breakfast!

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

If you’re interested, this is Storyville coffee, may have been my favorite coffee of the weekend. And that breakfast sandwich was delicious!! 

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

There’s just something peaceful about the Ocean, isn’t there?

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

This Sunday was opening week in the NFL and the Seahawks had a home game. It’s so fun to be walking around and see everyone in their jerseys. I need to live in an NFL team hometown. Haha. I think Ember would enjoy it too – she was fitting in just fine watching football with the boys while I was gone 😉 

Ember girl | all3sisters.com

We finished off the weekend with a quick trip to Kirkland for lunch & a stop in at Sweet Cakes Bakery. Oh, man. There are no words. Just go. You will thank me.

Seattle Trip | all3sisters.com

Oh, and that baby due the week of my Birthday? Yup, she was actually born on my Birthday! Pretty nice of my friend to give me such a special birthday gift!! 😉

Have you guys taken any Birthday trips? I’d love to hear about them!

<3 Michelle

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Fall is in the air…

I’m not as obsessed with fall as a lot of people, however, I do enjoy pumpkin everything, the beautiful colored leaves, and the cooler temperatures with the sun still shining!

What do you love about fall? Do you have favorite fall recipes? We’d love you to share them with us! 

Today, I’m going to share some of our family favorites. I hope you enjoy them! 

What’s a fall gathering without Apple Cider?!

Apple Cider Pot | all3sisters.com

My brother-in-law, Josh, ensures we have this classic at our gatherings! And why not? It’s so easy. Just add some cloves and cinnamon sticks to bottled apple cider. Heat on the range and wa-lah! Warm and delicious! If you’re feeling extra fancy add in some orange slices or cranberries.

Apple Cider | all3sisters.com

And then there’s pumpkin bread. This is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe!

Pumpkin Bread Recipe | all3sisters.com

Pumpkin Bread Ingredients | all3sisters.com

Bread Loaves | all3sisters.com

I add chocolate chips, but you may choose raisins or your favorite nut. Pair with a cold glass of milk or PSL and you may have entered fall heaven!

Bread and Milk | all3sisters.com

Our Mom has gathered many of our favorite family recipes throughout the years and designed recipe cards for us to have in a book! I love it! One place for all our cherished family favorites!

Looking for another delicious recipe to include at your next family gathering? Look no further! White Chicken Chili is another favorite! You won’t be disappointed!

White Chicken Chili | all3sisters.com

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Mounting your TV, cord-free!

Alright, I’m back for another post about our bonus room. I know, its not near as interesting or adorable as that new nephew of mine! But its all I’ve got. I apologize. I’m sure there will be many more pictures of Cooper coming soon!

So once I convinced Josh we needed to start utilizing our bonus room more, what did he do??

Seriously, I bet you can guess…

He bought a TV. Told you. Men, they’re predictable. Apparently my circa 2009, 37″ Vizio wasn’t good enough. And a new TV brought more changes.  We lived with it on the media console for awhile, even though it was longer than that piece of furniture! But then decided we should mount it on the wall, we prefer that look and we thought it might help it look less awkward with the media console. Plus, there was also a toddler & screwdriver incident; but we won’t talk about that. #theremayhavebeentearsinvolved #fromdaddy

Needless to say, getting it up on the wall, out of the reach of little hands, jumped way up on the priority list. 

Our living room TV is also mounted but the builders took care of that setup, so this was our first time figuring it out. In the bonus room we needed to add an outlet to the center of our wall so that we could mount it without any ugly cords hanging down. Enter this $40 kit from Home Depot. All there is to say is that this kit is awesome. It comes with everything you need. Even the drill attachment. 

Drill Bit-TV Mount | all3sisters.com

Now that’s manly.

Mounting your TV | all3sisters.com

This task can be intimidating…I mean putting even nail holes in my walls makes me think twice, let alone holes I can fit my arm through! But, don’t worry, this kit makes it so simple. Once you drill your holes, you place a tube inside your wall that connects to the outlet covers at the top and the bottom. This makes it easy to slide all your cables and cords down the wall, without them getting caught in insulation,etc. 

Once you have your holes drilled and your cables in the wall, all that’s left is mounting the TV. There are holes on the back of the TV for securing the mounting hardware. And then just make sure you secure the wall side of the hardware on your studs. No one wants their TV to come crashing down!

There are a zillion options for mounts and depending on what you want your TV to be able to do (swivel, tilt, turn, etc.) you might want a more sophisticated one. But if you don’t need any of that fancy stuff you can get a mount for $20! Seriously, can you believe $20 will secure your 55+ inch TV to your wall? We used this mount from Amazon.  $20! Go ahead, order it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

After a couple hours labor you’ll be left with this view:

Mounted TV | all3sisters.com

And we can tell you from personal experience that having that tube inside your wall really helps you later. We thought we planned well and had even added an extra HDMI cable on installation day, for the unforeseen extra device we might someday want. But we never could’ve guessed what we’d eventually need.

We use a computer to stream sporting events frequently and had always just plugged in our laptop temporarily, as seen below. (you guys, I’m embarrassed by these pictures, but I just keep telling myself it’ll make the finished room look that much more polished! 😉 I promise this wall is already looking way better!)

Mounting your TV | all3sisters.com

But then Josh secured an old computer from work. Seriously, you know its old when the School District can’t even use it. And so we decided to add it to our permanent media setup – no more cord hanging down for the laptop! No more using the laptop for streaming when I’d really like to be working on my laptop AND watching TV!

But anyways, the moral of the story, we have this old computer to hook up. And yeah. Of course it doesn’t have an HDMI port. That would’ve been too easy. Thankfully Josh knows this stuff, because I would’ve given up right there. Thanks to the tube in the wall it was easy to add another cable after the fact. With this kit you can change up your configurations as often as you’d like. Or just when the next big thing comes out. Er, wait, or when you go back to using ancient computers too. Whatever.

If you’ve been thinking about mounting your TV or hesitating because you don’t know where to start, I hope this helps give you the motivation you need to go for it! You can do it!

And…I picked out the paint color for the other side of this room yesterday, so stay tuned for that update!

<3 Michelle

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He is here!! 

Cooper Dennis Slonaker made his grand entrance into the world on Tuesday, October 11th, at 9:16 pm. He was 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 19.5 in. of pure perfection! 


 I woke up Tuesday morning having contractions a few minutes apart, but not very strong. I was thinking that if this goes anything like my birth with Bradley then we were going to have a baby before noon!  Well, that wasn’t Cooper’s plan. After 14 hours of labor he was finally here! My contractions throughout the day were manageable and they were spread apart. So I spent the day going for walks, watching Netflix and splashing around in my birthing pool. #netflixandcontract. I can’t take credit for that hashtag. My husband is a clever guy!  

We decided to work with a midwife and have a home birth. I am so thankful that everything went as planned and we have a happy, healthy baby. The experience of having my baby at home was amazing! The best part was that there was no sleepless night at the hospital. I was already home, in my own bed, with my own pillow. It was glorious! The only downfall was no “free” room service. 😉

Bradley and I even got to have a little swim session in the pool!

Pool time  

I loved having that time with him. Holding on to every last second of my only baby! My heart breaks a little with the thought that Bradley is not my one and only anymore. But, I am looking forward to the challenges and joys of having two little boys to love! I have already fallen head over heals for my sweet Cooper. I know that loving both of these sweet babes will only better me as a mom and as a person. 

Mommy and boys

Can you tell I am a little sleep deprived?! 😉



I love this view!!

My boys


My heart is full of love for my boys! I am so thankful that they are both happy and healthy. I am excited to take on the role of a mother of two! #momofboys

God is so good! 

<3 Justina 

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Chloe’s Dedication Day

We celebrated a special day last weekend in our family! 


Cody and I committed to raise Chloe in a Christian home and to love the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” 


How cute is she?! Chloe wore the exact same dress and headband Ember did 2 years ago for her dedication! Can you see a resemblance??

Ember's Dedication | all3sisters.com

We were blessed to be joined by so many family and friends! Chloe has so much love and support for her life! And we are blessed as her parents to raise her in this circle. 


This is my friend Tori and her gorgeous kids! They watch Chloe on Monday’s for us, I am so grateful for her and her willingness to love on Chloe! So glad God brought us together this summer!


My parents were gracious enough to host a brunch immediately following the service in their home for our family and friends to celebrate! It is always fun to have everyone together.


Brunch was followed by the other thing we enjoy on Sunday afternoons… watching football! Go Niners! 

It was a day to be remembered. 


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