Going Gluten Free

So with January almost over how many of you are still sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you even make them? I’ll admit…I kinda hate failing…so…I tend to not even make any. Because, you know, I feel better about myself if I don’t give up on something I never start 😉

Well this year Josh & I decided to try some things to improve our health. Not really a New Year’s Resolution, but maybe it qualifies since we started on that glorious first day of January. 

I met with a functional medicine doctor last fall and he suggested that I try going gluten free (and dairy & soy free, but one thing at a time, people!) to see if that would help my headaches. And according to him, it would at least help me feel a lot better even if it didn’t change the frequency of my headaches. Well I kinda dug my heels in for awhile…hello, give up pizza? Are you crazy?! I mean, no one in their right mind volunteers to do that!

But as the holidays rolled around and I decided I needed something to kick-start some weight loss this year I thought, why not? I’ve tried (what feels like) EVERYTHING else to help my headaches, with no success, why not this? So, here we are…28 days into January and still avoiding gluten. We, because, well, Josh is good at being supportive 🙂

And you know what? It isn’t that hard. I know, no pizza?! But…that’s the crazy thing. I’ve had pizza twice in those 28 days!! Sure, I paid $3.99 more than everyone else around me to have a pizza about half the thickness…but still, it was pizza, and it was good! 

Because of the culture we live in and the way the health fads are these days, there are gluten-free options everywhere. It is easy to find restaurants that will accommodate you. Sure, they might charge you a pretty penny to do so, but most of them are willing. Some even have a full menu just for you 😉

And you can even buy gluten-free flour. Lots of different kinds actually. So that Slonaker tradition of waffles? Yup, we’ve had those. And they’re good! You guys, this is what’s surprised me the most…the substitutes actually taste good!! Most of the time when you try substitutes I feel like they suck. You know, the textures off or you can really taste those beans even when they swore you wouldn’t! I have been pleasantly surprised with the substitutes we’ve tried so far.

That’s not to say it isn’t painful to pay $13.99 for a bag of pancake mix the size of my hand…there may have been tears…so you know, its not all great. But I’m just saying, at least if you’re going to pay that for it, it does taste good!

The most exciting part for me is that I’ve found a ton of new recipes, thank you Pinterest. I have actually really enjoyed finding, planning & cooking meals this month. Which I must admit is kind of a change for me. It’s usually such a chore or even something I completely ignore until 5:30pm rolls around and then I’m scrambling to try and putting something edible together!! But something about wanting to find healthier options for my family, that also taste delicious, has brought a fun new challenge to the every-tiring task of feeding my people.

I will gather some of my new favorite recipes together and do a post soon! And I promise, you’ll like them even if you’re not eating gluten free. And many of them can even be adapted to include lots of extra gluten…if that’s what you prefer 😉   

Any of you eat gluten free? We have a couple friends that do & honestly I’ve learned a lot about it just from sharing meals with them over the years. If you have any great recipes or ideas I’d love to hear them!!

<3 Michelle

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